Chessed Programs

  • Charity Center: Some 200 families in need are assisted regularly via this center with donations of clothing, food, bills paid, etc.  Before Jewish holidays Nahar Deiah provides food and clothing to over twice that many. 
  • Bar Mitzva preparation: 70-80 young boys prepare for their Bar Mitzva via Nahar Deiah each year, learning about Judaism: prayer, holidays, history, etc.
  • Educational intervention: Academic tutoring and Jewish studies enrichment are provided in a number of schools in Nahariya programs.
  • Enrichment programs for school and pre-school children.  
  • Spiritual Center for the community - Torah classes in synagogues, including a daily Gemarrah class, and Tehilim groups for children on Shabbat, and more.


The Relief (Chessed) Center operates in cooperation

with the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey